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Unlike other advertising agencies, we specialize in a manner of communication - not an industry

Unlike agencies who specialize in one or two industries, Third Person specializes in creating marketing and advertising strategies that invigorate your current customers and attract new customers — important for any business, regardless of industry.

Creating custom Web Sites designed from your customers' persepective with Experiance Mapping

The best web sites are built from your user's point of view. Third Person's unique Experience Mapping™ process ensures that your site meets their need. Read more.

Third Person Omniscient Web Site Content Management System

One size does NOT fit all. The same is true with Content Management Systems. Third Person's proprietary 3PO system is customized to let you easily manage your content. Read more.


Learn about social media by getting a marketing expert from Third Person to speak at your next event.

Social media is the hottest thing in the marketing world. But, is it worth all the hype? Find out for yourself... Get Melinda Caughill, Vice President of Marketing at Third Person, speak to or train your group on the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and much more! Learn more about social media presentations and training by Third Person...



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Advertising, Marketing and Web Site Design tips, tools and insights you can use

Third Person is a Milwaukee advertising, marketing and web design company that achieves exceptional results by always putting the customers of our clients first. Read more...

    Current Third Person News

    August 13, 2014

    Milwaukee Ad Agency, Third Person, has a new web siteThird Person, Inc.'s new web site is now live at

    Milwaukee, WI –  We've modernized our site and chose to focus on what you are most interested in...our work and our clients. So why is this site still here? Because we've done such a good job of optimizing over the years, that it shows up pretty high in Google's search results. So this site is going to hang around for a while longer. But if you really want to know what's new with us, visit our new site at

    July 30, 2012

    3 Tips to Help You Deliver On the Expectations Created By Your Advertising

    Wrap Your Franchise Offer in the Right Type of AdvertisingA few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending my nephew's birthday party. It was your typical event that included the customary opening of presents.

    It was this part of the event that caught my attention.

    When my nephew looked over the bounty before him, he clearly had his eye on one present in particular. It was a large box, with bright, colorful wrapping paper, a huge coordinating bow and lots of curly ribbon. Frankly, it just looked like there was something amazing in there.

    As my nephew tore off the paper and ripped open this box, it was hard to miss his sudden change in expression when he found nothing but clothes inside, the ultimate bummer of a present for a young child.

    I know… Leave it to me to find a correlation between a child's birthday and franchise advertising, but never-the-less, here it is.

    Frankly, a good marketer or ad agency will be able to wrap your offer up in "pretty paper," but all of that won't matter if you can't deliver the goods they're expecting. Then,  just like the pretty box of birthday clothes, you'll be pushed to the side without a sale.

    So what can you do to make sure you're delivering the goods? Here are three tips to help.

    • Ensure that goods inside are as unique as the wrapping.

    There's nothing quite like unwrapping three uniquely wrapped gifts only to find that each contains the exact same toaster. What a let down.

    Your unique selling proposition (USP), sometimes referred to as your value proposition or value statement, is the single most important element in making your business successful. To make a place for your business in the mind of your customer, you've got to do something or offer something different than any one of your competitors. No one else can say it. Even if they tried, it wouldn't be true. The more distinct your USP, the greater your chance for marketing success.  

    Does your franchise have one? Until you do, success will be elusive.

    • Make sure that there's actually something inside all that fancy wrapping.

    Unfortunately, I see this a lot, especially with paid search or social media advertising. An ad will say something like "We can build your franchise in 16 weeks." Then, that ad drops you at the site's generic home page which says absolutely nothing about that build-out plan. 

    Sure, you may talk about the 16-week-build-out somewhere on your web site, but a visitor is giving you only a few seconds to impress them with what's inside your gift-wrapped package.  Essentially, you've given the customer nothing more than a beautifully wrapped — but very empty — box.

    • Make sure your wrapping is appropriate for what you're including inside.

    Yes. There's nothing wrong with giving kids clothing for their birthday. The problem in this scenario is not the gift itself, but the expectation that was created by with the wrapping and the setting. Kids clothing as a gift certainly make a very nice gift, but should not be featured as the biggest, fanciest gift at a child's birthday party. The gift just cannot deliver on the expectation.

    The same is true with your advertising.  You don't want to treat your "Save $20,000 in franchise fees" offer the same as your more run-of-the-mill free whitepaper offer.  For your more typical offerings, use the marketing equivalent of a gift bag and save the fancy bows, big boxes, and shiny wrapping paper for your most unique and valuable offers. 

    March 20, 2012

    Milwaukee Advertising Agency, Third Person, helps franchise marketers strike advertising gold with 'old' marketing channelsJust Published in Franchise Update:
    "Mining 'Gold' From 'Old' Marketing Channels"

    MILWAUKEE, WI –  Franchise Update, a leading trade publication for the franchise industry, published another article written by Melinda Caughill, our Partner of Strategic Marketing here at Third Person Inc.

    "This article is incredibly relevant right now," explains Melinda. "The marketing and advertising world is so fixated on anything and everything digital. But, a smart marketer knows that there's still gold to be had from the more traditional mediums, like television, direct mail, outdoor, and guerrilla marketing. You just have to know when and how to use those channels."

    Sound interesting? Read the full article, "Mining 'Gold' From 'Old' Marketing Channels" now at

    Current Advertising and Web Site Design Work

    New Web Site Design for Brady Corporation created by a Milwaukee Advertising Agency

    A Customized PowerPoint Presentation for Entertainment Book created by one of Milwaukee's Best Advertising Agencies

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    New UNISIG Manufacturing Web Site Created by of of Milwaukee Web Site Designers Soars in Google Through Sound Search Engine Optimization Priciples

    One of the best Milwaukee advertising agencies creates a direct mail package for Bemis Clysar

    One of the top advertising agencies in Milwaukee creates posters for Harley-Davidson

    An example of Harley-Davidson branded collateral created by one of the top advertising agencies in Milwaukee

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