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    Third Person Omniscient Web Site Content Management SystemOne size does NOT fit all. The same is true with Content Management Systems. Third Person's proprietary 3PO system is customized to let you easily manage your content. Read more.

    Experiance Mapping Web Site DesignThe best web sites are built from your user's point of view. Third Person's unique Experience Mapping™ process ensures that your site meets their need. Read more.


    Third Person
    Web Site Design
    and Development
    includes . . .

    » Experience Mapping™
    » 3PO™ Content Management System
    » Online On-Time Guarantee
    » Architecture
    » Art
    » Copy Development
    » UI Design
    » HTML
    » DHTML
    » PHP
    » Flash


    3PO™ is the CMS 4 U. . .
    Easily update and manage your own web site content


    Third Person Omniscient (Or 3PO to you Star Wars fans out there) is the Content Management System (CMS) we can build into your web site.

    To use it, all you have to do is visit the page of your site you'd like to update is to click the login link located at the bottom of one your web site pages, (that link has been pre-clicked on this sample page), and then little buttons and links will appear on the page next to the content and functions that are editable.

    Third Person Omniscient is . . .

    • » Customized for your web site
    • » Completely secure with password protection
    • » Incrediably easy to use, and
    • » Available with every web site created by Third Person

    How easy? Try it for yourself.
    Just click on the "Edit" link below and replace our list of favorite Star War's characters with whatever you'd like! (Because of issues with Apple's Safari browser, Mac users will have a better experience using FireFox.

    Our Favorite Characters from Star Wars

    • R2D2
    • Han Solo
    • Yoda
    • Bobba Fett

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