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Experiance Mapping Web Site DesignThe best web sites are built from your user's point of view. Third Person's unique Experience Mapping™ process ensures that your site meets their need. Read more.


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Introducing Experience Mapping — an entirely new way to plan, populate, and produce a more effective and efficient web site for your business.

Like everything else we do at Third Person, Experience Mapping begins by looking at your web site from your end user’s perspective. We start by asking ourselves who are the people who are coming to your web site? Why are they there? What information are they seeking? And how can we make their experience as satisfying as possible?

Only after we’ve answered all these questions through research or intuition do we start building your site’s unique Experience Map.


Experience Mapping has five main phases:

  1. Identify ALL the possible users of your web site (that includes everyone from customers,to retailers, to reporters). To do this we identify potential users by their:
    • a. Demographics
    • b. Psychographics
    • c. Desires and concerns related to the reasons why they visit your site
  2. Determine what their purpose is for coming to your web site.
    • a. Are they looking for more information about your goods or services?
    • b. Are they trying to contact you?
    • c. Do they need a question answered?
    • d. Are they ready to buy?
  3. Identify Tasks
    Tasks are the line that connects your user’s needs and purposes to the information, products, and service you offer on your web site.
  4. Create an Experience Map
    By layering each Task Path on top of each other it’s possible to create a site map that embodies all the possible experiences all your potential users expect to be able to have on your site. This Experience Map then acts as a blueprint for building the most effective and efficient web site possible.
  5. Experience a Difference . . . Contact Third Person today to learn more about Experience Mapping.

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